Direct Democracy Ireland A National Citizens Movement

Direct Democracy Ireland is a registered political party because to enter the current system in a credible way, it must do so. Direct Democracy Ireland use the term ‘political process’ to describe the group because members of Direct Democracy Ireland, deplore the reality of  party political systems and will not operate as conventional political parties, i.e. the party whip system forcing members to follow ‘party line’.

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The following is a 90 second election video that will explain Direct Democracy:

What is Direct Democracy? What does Direct Democracy mean? What is the difference between Direct Democracy and Representative Democracy (which is our present system of governance)? A 4min video will explain:

The following is a 6min video that demonstrates how a system of Direct Democracy works very successfully in Switzerland. Direct Democracy was introduced in 1848. Switzerland has never been at war, nor had a recession, nor are they members of the EU. However, Switzerland is a very prosperous nation where the people take responsibility for their own lives, and how their community and nation is governed. The people do not merely sit idly by and let their politicians make all the decisions on their behalf. On the contrary, they actively participate in politics at local and national level by initiating referenda through petitioning. If the people do not make decisions that benefit them, then government will make decisions for them which are virtually always detrimental to the welfare of the people. Iceland, a very prosperous nation, is also governed by Direct Democracy.

Where do YOU the sovereign people fit into a system of Direct Democracy? What are your rights and responsibilities? This 4min will clarify your role:

The current political system is NOT a democracy. It is however, broken, corrupt and Totalitarian. It is time YOU, the sovereign people, took more responsibility for your own welfare and that of your nation. Direct Democracy Ireland want YOU to be in control. Therefore join Direct Democracy Ireland today through the link above and so help usher in a new system of Direct Democracy.