“We the People” We stand again, together for social and economic freedom in unity, within our hearts.

“We the People” We stand again, together for social and economic freedom in unity, within our hearts.

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By Joe Cunningham 

To my fellow members, and people of Ireland   Date: 6th July 2015

My name is Joe Cunningham, I had the honour of being elected National Chairman of Direct Democracy Ireland for the next year at our EGM, 28th June 2015. It was a privilege and it will be an honour to work with each and every member of Direct Democracy Ireland and within our team on the DDI National Executive in our future term of office.

Our Direct Democracy Ireland’s amended Constitution, New Mission Statement, Preamble and Core Principals in reforming Ireland’s present Political Culture Process of representative democracy to that of a true democracy for the Sovereign People of Ireland. Everybody in Ireland is talking about Direct Democracy, Our message is getting out there, alas though, our present politicians are afraid of us it seems – past and even more so presently.

Our DDI National Executive along with all of our members knows this will not happen overnight, we have a mountain of fear to climb as they say, fear of the unknown and the total mistrust of our present Banking Policies and of our Politicians of present Political Parties of Fine Gael, Labour and Fianna Fail, But, we in Direct Democracy Ireland by diligently thinking of our families, friends, your community, the vulnerable people in our society, the old and the young can safely allay their fears aside for a more just society. We, as members in Direct Democracy Ireland as fellow Citizens can thus faithfully and collectively keep informing our National People about the benefits of Direct Democracy, the principals and provisions it brings to every home in Ireland.  We will get there one step at a time. The winds of change are upon us – What level of True Political Reform that is totally warranted and much needed here in Ireland today depends on each and every one of us?

Social justice requires having an individual and a collective social conscious at all times for/in Public Office, we in Direct Democracy Ireland know this individually and personally as a virtue within our political movement. This political virtue we believe that other Political Whipped Parties are lacking in of not having an independent and collective minded social conscious in Ireland’s time of need since September 2008.

Like all strong socially active political movements – organisational policy mistakes were made along the way and we can learn from them by listening to each other’s life’s wisdom in avoiding any future organisational political pitfalls.

Since our October 14th, EGM Meeting – the interim National Executive, their mandate was to upgrade and revamp our (1) Direct Democracy Ireland website. (2) Amend and create Direct Democracy Ireland Constitution. (3) Update our DDI Membership list. (4) Set up a new DDI Bank Account in accordance with SIPO compliance.

Nine months later, we are delighted to inform you all that all four Mandated Policies are now operational. Our Membership subscriptions of €10.00 are now due and can be paid through our new website.  All of Direct Democracy Ireland’s National Executive members have done marvellous work individually and collectively these past nine months in bringing it altogether. Our Executive Member Cormac McKay came up with and implemented a DDI Members Survey online in gathering individual Members answers to a set of predetermined questions pertinent for Direct Democracy Ireland in moving forward and upwards.  Our present Governments stance on putting a price tag of €45,000.00 on every Man, Woman and Child in Ireland to pay off Irish Bank Debts totalling €117.8 Billion that was put on the shoulders of the Irish People through no fault of their own.  The collapse of the property market six years ago.  It’s hardly surprising that losses have stretched into the tens of billions totalling to almost €118 Billion. The Irish Government Bank Guarantee in September 2008 has indentured the Sovereign Irish People of Ireland into Debt Slavery for future generations.As a result of this Irish Bank Guarantee! Something had to give to pay back all this money this Unconstitutional Memorandum of Understanding by the Troika (EU/ECB/IMF) has us enslaved too.  Our Sovereign Nation is been robustly and slowly being ripped apart from our own People. Our Public Services for Health, Education, Justice and Social Welfare Services.

In Ireland today in July 2015, almost seven years on!  Where are we heading from the hands of the Troika? Even more so … from Our National Fine Gael and Labour led Government of over four years. Instead of Maintaining Our Social Justice Rights – We have Social Injustices being imposed on our Lower and Middle Income Home-owners that really can’t afford it?

1. We as a People are living in a Nation where our Health Service Executive/Medical Profession have a waiting List of 470,000+ Waiting for Treatments, Now they are Cutting and Destroying Our Health Services in favour of Private Health Services on a National Scale unheard of in the history of the State and is on the point of imploding shortly.

2. Ireland’s Legal Profession are totally destroying our Constitutional Rights in Home Repossessions, Making New Laws in creating ways of taking more monies (Property Taxes and Irish Water Bills) off the Low and Middle Income families in our society. The most Expensive Fees in Europe with Legal Cases that can go on for years and years.

3. Our Department of Education are in the process of destroying our much valued hard fought for Education Systems at Primary, Secondary and Third Level known for its robustness and thoroughness in educating our young children throughout their school years before entering Third Level Colleges and Universities etc. Thus they are Destroying Opportunities and Knowledge to our future generations.

4. Our Fine Gael and Labour led Government are robustly destroying our financial Freedom which was won by our forefathers from 1916 onwards and heading into 2016 the 100th Anniversary of Our Easter Rising of 1916.

5. The Media/Press are robustly Destroying Information to the Point of Ignoring the Political Truths of civil unrest needed in a truthful modern society like Ireland, what we do get though is misinformation. They are spreading Fine Gael and Labour Government Spin of Ireland being the greatest little country to do business in, But at what price to you and your family?

6.Our faith in our Religion conclaves and Churches is being slowly being destroyed morally and ethically by their utter silences by their Spiritual Corruption between their Canon law and State Law i.e. The Brendan Smith case.

7. On National Debt Relief, The EU and the ECB, Our Financial Services, Our Banks are in league with the Troika who have/are destroying our economy to the point that we are financially indentured for the rest of our lives and that of our children’s children.

8. Our Social Welfare Services and Child Care Benefits are being cut to the core and below it, so much so, Our School Children are going to school hungry in 2015 not seen for generations.

Ireland and its once Spiritual People are once again in the midst of a war not of her choosing, But, by an Unconstitutional Memorandum of Understanding chosen by a select few leading to the 10th November 2010 ECB-EU-IMF Programme in protecting the poor and most vulnerable – This support, We were told was also needed to safeguard financial stability in the euro area and the EU as a whole.

This was and is a global financial war by design where Ireland is seen as a soft touch to take her Natural Resources and Assets and sold to an elite chosen few at the behest of our National Fine Gael/Labour Government. Since November 2010, Ireland is in a constant State of Crises’ one after the other with no end in sight. Except one, a General Election is looming – with more promises to be broken obviously by the civil war Political Parties of Labour, Fianna Fail and Fine Gael led Party Whipped manifests in giving false hopes … remember 2011 General Election Promises?

Presently, the Sovereign People of Ireland are Anti Government and Anti Europe and rightly so. The weariness felt by the Irish People and by its design the State Media/Press are still smothering us with the Banking Crises, Health Service Cuts, and Home Repossessions by the Banks, Welfare and Education Cuts and the massive rise of over 600 suicides per year (No Media Coverage) in Ireland alone. The constant Eurozone crises’ in Southern European Nations of Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal of which Ireland is in Solidarity with their woes and financial instabilities within their same Sovereign financial War Zones. In all these financial crises’.  Are there silent hands at play here to keep the Southern Shores of Europe from East to West under constant attack of Austerity, Austerity after Austerity with none of them gaining in any shape or form? It seems to me Sovereign Democracies is under attack at the same time. Is this the reason why and what these Financial Wars are all about? The Down Grading Of All Sovereign Republic Democracies??? Ireland included.

We, in Direct Democracy Ireland firmly believe that if Articles 47 and 48(Political Accountability and Recall) were still in existence within our present Constitution, we the Sovereign People of Ireland would not be in this financial mess we find ourselves in today.

Our past Governments have constantly promised this and promised that and Europe did the same on all counts with the Nice and Lisbon Treaties … except for three things needed in true democratic societies’ and they are Political/Public Accountability and Recall in Ireland and Europe, We just reward total incompetence instead with big pensions with a golden handshake to top it all off. Where is the Social and Economic Justice in that? There is none on both counts!

It is time now for Direct Democracies alternatives in Irish Politics and they are Constitutional Initiatives by the People for the People to bring about Constitutional Policies that protects one and all instead of the elite in our present society. As I stated in my opening lines – Everyone is talking about Direct Democracy since the Constitutional Convention 2013, of which 82% of the 100 People participating in attendance voted for it. Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Labour and other opposition Party’s want to forget it for obvious reasons.

So where does Direct Democracy Ireland come into all this as a New Political Movement since its establishment in 2012. Firstly, what is Direct Democracy? We, seek it to find our inequities as a Sovereign Irish People, Secondly, We define it by thinking independently together and setting our goals duly required for our own National Governance by ourselves that will Collectively Empower the Irish People for our future generations in peace and harmony amongst our fellow Nations either within Europe or outside it as an Independent Nation? Thus stating “We the People” by the People.

The People of Ireland are seriously thinking about Direct Democracy Provisions and Principals for the first time – So Join us – Be a part of history in the making by empowering you and yours to think independently firstly and secondly, then collectively as a family – Spread the word to one and all, because we are all suffering in silence for too long! We are seeking new members to bring their own Personal/Family life’s wisdom and skills of Social Justice in bringing to the core of Direct Democracy Provisions and Principals – because, We in Direct Democracy Ireland cannot do it without you and yours?  These choices can happen, be happening for you and yours – When our Sovereign Irish People Collectively Empower themselves for Social and Economic Justice for one and all to become “We the People” We stand again, together for freedom once again in unity, within our hearts.


Sincerely yours in good faith,

Joe Cunningham,

Chairman, Direct Democracy Ireland.


http://www.directdemocracyireland.ie Twitter: https://twitter.com/ddi


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/directdemocracyireland?ref=ts&fref=ts

Direct Democracy Ireland – Our Mission Statement

“We at Direct Democracy Ireland believe that Direct Democracy provisions are a living Political and Social process of Governance of a Nation belonging to and giving the Sovereign Irish People the inalienable right of unfettered Political Accountability, Transparency and Directability from their Elected Representatives / Politicians / Public Officials at Local, National and International Levels.”


Direct Democracy Ireland’s core values:

  • Equality, Justice, Transparency, Initiative, Vision, Inclusiveness, Honesty, Accountability, Clear Communications, Fairness, Direct Democracy.










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  • Posted July 7, 2015


    This is a very well thought out and provoking article. I as the new Executive Treasurer has had the pleasure of working with Joe and the other executives in achieving our given mandate from October 2014. As Treasurer, the executive and members will be given current and up to date information in relation to the finances of DDI so you will see just where all subscriptions, donations and funds raise is going. But when some other processes are establish like The Finance Committee, full transparency and accountability will be adhered to in relation to all monies received by DDI. You as members will also have a full say and approval in the expenditure and actions of all policies of DDI. So as Treasurer, I would encourage you to become members and help to instigate the changes need in Ireland to achieve the goals that have been set out by our Chairman.

  • Posted July 7, 2015

    Anthony Connor

    Very powerful article Well done Joe

  • Posted July 7, 2015


    Great piece Joe, very well put, the people of Ireland are waking up and uniting under one banner, the sake of humanity and there right to a free and open democarcy, the right to free water, the right to a free and open education, an eduaction that will free our minds, the right to a true and honest media source, and the right to be free to make our own decisions, the right to stand and say I,m proud to be Irish and be proud of our government and to trust our policy and lawmakers, the right to shout out, I love my country and its a great place to live and I love life.
    This is what Ireland can be like if we have a direct democarcy, Ireland by the people for the people.

  • Posted August 29, 2015

    john cully

    Let’s roll; the first step, the sine qua non upon which all else critically depends, is the retrieval and reinstatement of those Articles deleted from the Constitution of 1922, articles no’s 47 and 48 and their enshrinement in our present Constitution. (The full text of these is with DDI as of recent days). Without this, we are just another party; with them, the sovereign people will be empowered to work all the changes in our society that seem best to them. Well done Joe.

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